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Long Overdue

Getting back in touch with my lost hobbies.


I’ll do anything to procrastinate. Lengthen the seconds, minutes, hours until I have to crack open the neatly stacked leaflets we call notes.

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Last Friday I made some amazing Ooey Gooey Monkey Bread Muffins, from scratch!
Check out the recipe here:

Will be making these for Valentines ❤️


         disappearance of comfort or is it the lack of comfort
                  the yearning for comfort


Sometimes a good cry is the best remedy.

When you can’t do anything to change the past or the present, all you can do is accept things for what they are. 

Cherish Every Moment - Daniel D

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I think I’m in love…


I applied and interviewed because it sounded like a great opportunity to fill my summer up with something meaningful. However, I never thought more into it or prepped myself for what came. It was something I never expected nor imagined. Instead of working with strangers and creating a difference, camp turned into a family, a tightly knit group of people who had passion and an enlarged heart as apparent as an elephant in the room!

I never cried so much out of joy, compassion, and pain… sometimes it was difficult to hold in my tears because of the people that surrounded me these past few days. Every person I had encountered this past week has inspired, encouraged, and strengthened me emotionally, mentally, and physically!

Thank you for everyone who believed in me more than I believed in myself and thank you for the opportunity that each and every one of you has given me.